Geochemical sampling has defined two major prospects within the Bagoe Project; the Antoinette Prospect and the large Veronique Prospect. Much of the Bagoe Project remains to be explored with surface sampling.

Antoinette Prospect

RC drilling at Antoinette Central confirmed good continuity of mineralisation over +600 metres of strike which remains completely open, both along strike and down dip. Mineralisation is NNE striking and SW dipping and is relatively consistent along strike and down dip. Soil sampling and aircore drilling confirm at least a further 250 metres of strike potential to the north and 200 metres to the south, which is limited only by lack of further sampling. The majority of drilling has been to a depth of just 100 metres. The mineralised zone is relatively deeply weathered (50-60 metres) providing scope for significant oxide gold resources.

A total of 28 holes for 3,034 metres of RC drilling was completed at the Antoinette Central Prospect with 27 holes returning significant results (+20gm) including (refer Apollo AOP ASX announcements dated 13 July 2016 and 30 November 2016).

  • 17m @ 22.52g/t gold from 8m
  • 14m @ 11.24g/t gold from 12m
  • 35m @ 2.93g/t gold from 65m EOH
  • 11m @ 9.07g/t gold from 50m
  • 11m @ 6.69g/t gold from 10m
  • 10m @ 6.86g/t gold from 58m
  • 6m @ 10.56g/t gold from 44m
  • 8m @ 7.35g/t gold from 84m
  • 18m @ 3.10g/t gold from 32m
  • 9m @ 5.29g/t gold from 15m
  • 15m @ 2.84g/t gold from 115m
  • 6m @ 6.77g/t gold from 90m
  • 7m @ 5.65g/t gold from 21m
  • 10m @ 3.58g/t gold from 56m
  • 5m @ 7.15g/t gold from 102m
  • 13m @ 2.74g/t gold from 0m
  • 10m @ 3.37g/t gold from 13m
  • 9m @ 3.23g/t gold from 9m
  • 10m @ 2.86g/t gold from 1m
  • 8m @ 3.25g/t gold from 56m
  • 8m @ 2.90g/t gold from 52m
  • 4m @ 5.69g/t gold from 14m
  • 9m @ 2.44g/t gold from 68m
  • 9m @ 2.44g/t gold from 20m

Gold mineralisation is largely hosted by altered sandstone that is flanked and intruded by diorite dykes. Alteration consists of silica, carbonate and sericite, with disseminated sulphides (pyrite +/- arsenopyrite). Surface geochemistry and aircore drilling, along with artisanal mining activity, support the potential for multiple parallel zones of mineralisation at Antoinette which remain untested with RC drilling.  Aircore results include 4m @ 13.68g/t gold approximately 4 kilometres along strike to the south of the RC drilling at Antoinette Central and 9m @ 3.17g/t gold (EOH) in a parallel zone to the west (refer AOP ASX announcements dated 3 April 2017 and 15 February 2016).

In January 2017, Apollo undertook sighter ‘bottle-roll’ tests on five composite fresh-rock RC drill samples (refer Apollo AOP ASX announcement dated 9 January 2017). ‘Bottle-roll’ tests provide only a preliminary indication of cyanide-leachable gold and the tests were unoptimized. The results indicated approximately 70% of the gold in fresh-rock was ‘free-milling’. No diagnostic leach testing was undertaken to optimise and increase the cyanide-leachable gold. Exore Resources had the results independently reviewed as part of its due diligence and believes the samples are not representative of likely overall resource and there is scope for optimisation.  There were also several inconsistencies in the results that require further investigation. No ‘bottle-roll’ tests were carried out on oxide samples which accounts for the bulk of currently drilled mineralisation.

Antoinette Central Prospect, Bagoe Project – Cross Section

Veronique Permit Prospect

The Veronique Prospect is defined by a 6 kilometre by 1.5-kilometre area of highly anomalous soil samples striking NNE, often grading >200ppb gold in soils with up to 1,320ppb gold. The anomaly is completely open. No artisanal mining activity is present and therefore risk of contamination in the soil sampling results is low. The Veronique Prospect is a high priority target offering major discovery potential and will be an immediate focus with aircore drilling to quickly define RC drill targets.

Veronique Prospect, Bagoe Project – Geochemistry & Geology